Volume 5, 1993

Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities

São Carlos, August 1992 - Universidade de São Paulo ICMSC-USP

edited by Maria Aparecida S. Ruas


J.-P. Brasselet, Homologie D'Intersection

O. Burlet, Cobordism and Singularities

M. C. R. Fuster, S. Mancini, M. A. S. Ruas, Stability and Generacity of Composition of Maps

S. Izumiya, W. L. Marar, The Euler Characteristic of the Image of a Stable Mapping from a Closed n-Manifold to a (2n-1)-Manifold

C. McGrory, J. J. N.-Ballesteros, M. D. C. R.-Fuster, Self-Translation Surfaces

D. H. Mochida, Geometry and Singularities of Orthogonal Projections of 3-Manifolds in R^5

J. Montaldi, Multiplicities of Critical Points of Invariant Functions

T. Nishimura, A Constructive Method to Get Right-Left Equivalence for Smooth Map Germs and Its Applications to Divergent Diagrams

O. Saeki, Topology of Special Generic Maps into R^3

V. D. Sedykh, Some Invariants of Convex Manifolds

V. L. C. Zanetic, Submersions, Maps of Constant Rank, Submersions with Folds, and Immersions

M. Zhitomiriskii, Differential Forms and Vector Fields with a Manifold of Singular Points