Volume 7, 1994

XII Escola de Álgebra - Part II

Diamantina, August 1992 - Minas Gerais

edited by Dan Avritzer, Michel Spira


C. Peskine, Hilbert Polynomials of Smooth Sufaces in P^4. Comments

N. R. Rocco, A Crossed Embedding of Groups and the Computation of Certain Invariants of Finite Solvable Groups

R. E. Rodríguez, Riemann Surfaces, Abelian Varieties and Automorphisms

M. A. Shokrollahi, An Introduction to the Theory of Bilinear Complexity

S. N. Sidki, Solving Certain Group Equations in PGL(2,k). A Computational Approach

A. Simis, Algebraic Aspects of Tangent Cones

T. L. Smith, Galois Groups and Quadratic Forms

F. Torres, \gamma-Hiperellipticity and Weights of Weierstrass Points

V. Trevisan, Polynomial Factorization

N. Vonessen, Rings with Polynomial Identities. An Elementary Introduction