Volume 8, 1995

Third Workshop on Partial Differential Equations

Rio de Janeiro, July 1993 - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA)

edited by Rafael Iorio Jr., Dan Marchesin


J. L. Boldrini, M. R.-Medar, On a System of Evolution Equations of Magnetohydrodynamic Type

J. L. Bona, M. Scialom, On the Comparison of Solutions of Model Equations for Long Waves

B. Boston, J. W. Grove, R. L. Homes, Shock Induced Surface Instabilities and Nonlinear Wave Interactions

S. Cani&cacute, The Role of Limit Cycles in the Admissibility of Shock Waves

T. Cazenave, A. Haraux, F. B. Weissler Global Behavior for some Conservative Nonlinear Equations

G.-Q. Chen, Some Singular Limit Problems in Conservation Laws

J. C. Da-Mota, W. B. Dantas, M. E. Gomes, D. Marchesin, Combustion Fronts in Petroleum Reservoirs

C. S. Eschenazi, Rarefaction Fields in Systems of Three Conservation Laws

H. Frid, Measure-Valued Solutions for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media: Existence and Weak Asymptotic Steadiness of Waterflooding

J. M. Hurley, B. J. Plohr, Some Effects of Viscous Terms on Riemann Problem Solutions

M. C. Lopes-Filho, H. J. N. Lopes, Multidimensional Hyperbolic Systems with Degenerate Characteristic Structure

S. M. C. Malta, A. F. D. Loula, E. L.M. Garcia, A Post-Processing Technique to Approximate the Velocity Field in Miscible Displacement Simulations

D. Marchesin, A. J. Souza, Fundamental Solutions of a System of Conservation Laws with a Singular Characteristic Field

L. A. Medeiros, A. R. Santos, Remarks on the Degenerate Visco- Elastic Model of Kirchhoff-Carrier for Vibrations of Strings

M. A. Rojas-Medar, S. A. Lorca, Global Strong Solution of the Equations for the Motion of a Chemical Active Fluid

P. R. Zingano, Travelling Waves in a Hyperbolic System Modelling Traffic Flow