Volume 9, 1995

IX School of Differential Geometry

Vitória, July 1994 - Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

edited by Manfredo P. do Carmo


M.F.L.B. Almeida, J. Koiller, T.J. Stuchi, Toy tops, gyrostats and Gauss-Bonnet

S.C. Almeida, F.G.B. Brito, Closed hypersurfaces of S^4 with constant Gauss-Kronecker curvature

J.L.M. Barbosa, A.G. Colares, Soap Bubbles in Space Forms

L.M. Chaves, A.Rigas, Eschenburg Spaces and Bundles over \sf IC P^2

M. Dajczer, L.A. Florit, Some Results on Conformally Flat Submanifolds

E. Falbel, C. Gorodski, J.M. Veloso, Conformal Sub-Riemannian Geometry in Dimension 3

L.H.G. Felipe, On Compact Hypersurfaces Immersed in a Space Form

W.P. Ferreira, On Metrics of Constant Sectional Curvature

L.P.M. Jorge, L.L. Lima Local Stability of the First Eigenvalue of the Laplacian

N. Kamran, K. Tenenblat, Laplace Transformation for Cartan Submanifolds

F. Morgan, Strict Calibrations, Constant Mean Curvature and Triple Junctions

M.H. Noronha, Some Results on Nonnegatively Curved four Manifolds