Mauricio Ayala Rincón, Dr. rer. nat.
Full Professor
Theory of Computation
Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics
Brasilia University

Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Asa Norte
70910-900 Brasilia D. F., Brasil
Tels. +55-61- 3307 2441|2442| +55-61- 3107 6453 | 3676 Fax +55-61-3273 2737
e-mail: ayala[at]
Courses <<<== Starting 19 July 2021 - Remote activities 2021-1
PVS Class 2017 (affiliated to ITP 2017) PVS Tutorial for Mathematicians (affiliated to SW in Math 2020)
Professional Activities CV Lattes
Grupo de Teoria da Computação

Focus of Research:
Properties and applications of term rewriting systems and its extensions. Related links
TRS PVS theory
Evol. algorithms for sorting permutations

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  • Ph.D. scholarships Please, enter in contact ASAP, if you are interested in Algorítmica e Teoria de Sequenciamento de Informação Genômica.
  • Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Special Issue on Confluence. Call for papers, Eds. Samuel Mimram, M. Ayala-Rincón.
  • RTA (1983 ... 2015) and TLCA (1993 ... 2015) evolved to Int. Conf. on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction FSCD (2016 ... 2021), FSCD 2021 Buenos Aires (a 12/2/2021, p 15/2/2021) cfp.
  • 13th Nasa Formal Methods Symposium NFM 2021, Norfolk, (a 27/11/2020, p 4/12/2020).
  • 16th Int. Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications LSFA 2021, affiliated to FSCD 2021.
  • International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving ITP web page. ITP 2021 co-located with LICS 2021, Rome (a 25/1/2021, p 1/2/2021).
  • 10th International Workshop on Confluence IWC, affiliated to FSCD 2021.
  • 35th International Workshop on Unification UNIF, affiliated to FSCD 2021.
  • 14th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics CICM 2021.
  • Current Conferences at GTC/UnB

  • M. Ayala-Rincón & Flávio L.C. de Moura, Fundamentos da Programação Lógica e Funcional - O Princípio de Resolução e a Teoria de Reescrita -, Course Notes, Ed. UnB, December 2014. In Portuguese.

    M. Ayala-Rincón & Flávio L.C. de Moura, Applied Logic for Computer Scientists: Computational Deduction and Formal Proofs, Springer, 2017.