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Mauricio Ayala Rincón
Theory of Computation
Department of Mathematics
Brasilia University

Rewriting Home Page realized by L. Vigneron and N. Dershowitz, - INRIA Lorraine, Nancy, France.

List of Researches on Rewriting mantained by A. Middeldrop - Universitaet Innsbruck, Austria.

International School on Rewriting - ISR 2006 LORIA, Nancy, France. July 2006. See interesting tutorials on different aspects and applications of rewriting.

Interesting Conferences and Workshops mantained by B. Gramlich - Technishce Universitaet Wien, Austria.

Open problems on rewriting mantained by N. Dershowitz and R. Treinen.

Specification and Rewriting home page at SRI Int. Comp. Sc. Laboratory - USA.

ULTRA Group Useful Logics, Type theories, Rewriting systems and their Applications