Volume 19, 2000

Workshop on Partial Differential Equations

Rio de Janeiro, July 1999 - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada IMPA

Part II

edited by Hermano Frid, Jorge Hounie, Rafael Iório, Dan Marchesin, André Nachbin, Jorge P. Zubelli


P. A. Markowich, C. Villani, On the Trend to Equilibrium for the Fokker-Planck Equation: An Interplay Between Physics and Functional Analysis (ps)  (pdf)

A. Mohammed, G. Porru, Boundary Behaviour and Integrability of Large Solutions to $p$-Laplace Equations (ps)  (pdf)

M. A. Murad, J. N. Guerreiro, A. F. D. Loula, Micromechanical Computational Modeling of Reservoir Compaction and Surface Subsidence (ps)  (pdf)

A. F. Pazoto, G. P. Menzala, Rates of Decay of a Nonlinear Model in Thermoelasticity (ps)  (pdf)

G. A. Philippin, S. Vernier-Piro, Decay Estimates for Solutions of Various Parabolic Problems (ps)  (pdf)

A. D. Polyanin, A. I. Zhurov, Exact Solutions of Heat and Mass Transfer Equation (ps)  (pdf)

R. Rosa, The Global Attractor of Weakly Damped, Forced Korteweg-De Vries Equation in $H^1 {\Bbb R}$ (ps)  (pdf)

A. J. de Souza, D. Marchesin, P Bedrikovetsky, P. Krause, A Simple Model for Three Phase Flow with Hysteresis (ps)  (pdf)

J. Tavares, Extensions of Jets on Tube Structures (ps)  (pdf)