Volume 16, 1999

XV Escola de Álgebra

Canela, July 1998 - Rio Grande do Sul

edited by M. Ferrero, A.M.S. Doering


F. U. Coelho, M. I. R. Martins, A. de la Pe\~na, Projective Dimensions for one point Extension Algebras (ps)  (pdf)

F. Cukierman, Monodromy of Projections (ps)  (pdf)

A. J. Engler, Witt-Grothendieck Rings and $\pi$-Henselianity (ps)  (pdf)

M. van Frankenhuysen, The ABC Conjecture Implies Roth's Theorem and Mordell's Conjecture (ps)  (pdf)

G. Glauberman, A New Look at the Feit-Thompson Odd Order Theorem (ps)  (pdf)

E. G. Goodaire, Solving $AX = B$ for $X$ with the Most Zeros (ps)  (pdf)

P. Hintenaus, V. Trevisan , Rational Representation of Modular Numbers (ps)  (pdf)

N. Kamiya, The Wedderburn Principal Theorem, Nilpotency and Solvability for Freudenthal-Kantor Triple Systems (ps)  (pdf)

P. Koshlvkov, Algebras with Polynomial Identities (ps)  (pdf)

R. Maier, When is a Polycyclic-by-Finite Group Hypercentral-by-Finite? (ps)  (pdf)

C. Mart\ii nez, Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups (ps)  (pdf)

C. P. Milies, Some Results on Integral Group Rings of Frobenius Groups (ps)  (pdf)

J. A. de la Pe\~na, Tame Algebras and Dirived Categories (ps)  (pdf)

E. R. Puczy\l owski, Some Results and Questions on Nil Rings (ps)  (pdf)

R. H. Villarreal, Rees Algebras of Complete Bipartite Graphs (ps)  (pdf)

R. Wiegandt, Some Aspects of Radical Theory (ps)<\A>  (pdf)

P. Zalesskii, Virtually Free prop-$p$ Groups (ps)  (pdf)