Volume 23, 2002

Seventh Workshop on Partial Differential Equations, Part II

Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, July 2001 - Rio de Janeiro

edited by Pedro Leite Dias, Dan Marchesin, André Nachbin, Carlos Tomei


J. Hounie, Fifty Years of Local Solvability (ps)   (pdf)

N. A. Lar'kin, M. H. Sim˜oes, Nonlinear Wave Equation with a Nonlinear Boundary Damping in a Noncylindrical Domain (ps)  (pdf)

A. Leit˜ao, Mean Value Methods for Solving the Heat Equation Backwards in Time (ps)  (pdf)

J. Límaco, L. A. Medeiros, E. Zuazua, Existence, Uniqueness and Controllability for Parabolic Equations in Non-Cylindrical Domains (ps)  (pdf)

J. P. Lukaszczyk, C. A. Taschetto, L. P. Bonorino, Incompressible Flow in Isotropic Granular Porous Media in a Time Dependent Domain (ps)  (pdf)

T. D. Menéndez Rodríguez, Periodic Problen for the Equation of Quasilinear Waves with Small Interferences (ps)  (pdf)

F. Menzaque, R. R. Rosales, E. G. Tabak, C. V. Turner, Response to Resonant and Near-resonant Forcing in a Simple Model for Nonlinear Energy Cascades (ps)  (pdf)

A. C. Moretti, M. A. Rojas-Medar, M. D. Rojas-Medar, Reproductive Weak Solutions for Generalized Boussinesq Models in Exterior Domains (ps)  (pdf)

G. Papanicolaou, L. Ryzhik, K. S\o lna, The Parabolic Wave Approximation and Time Reversal (ps)  (pdf)

J. Souza, A. Kist, Homogenization and Corrector Results for a Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equation in Domanis with Small Holes (ps)  (pdf)