XLVIII Summer School MAT/UnB
Department of Mathematics, Universidade de Brasília
January 7 - February 22, 2019


The following post-graduate courses will be offered in XLVIII Summer School:

  • Linear Algebra 2
  • General Topology
  • Complex Variables 2
  • Mini-courses

  • Tópico em Teoria dos Números - Register here
  • Leavitt path algebras - Register here
  • Tópicos de Geometria Métrica - Register here
  • Famílias Resolventes e Aplicações - Register here
  • Registration is free and open to all interested people.

    It should be emphasized that the XLVIII Summer School is particularly important to those who are interested in participating in the selection process for the master's degree program (MSc) of the Department of Mathematics at UnB, as it includes complementary assessment parameters to the selection process and to the distribution of scholarships. In the current edition, the course on General Topology (the second course listed above) will be used to assess candidates.