Volume 31, 2006

Workshop de Geometria Diferencial

Universidade Federal do Amazonas, August 30 - September 1, 2006 - Manaus

edited by J.Lucas M. Barbosa and Keti Tenenblat


J.-H. Eschenburg, The Associated Family (ps)   (pdf)

M. J. Ferreira, A Splitting Theorem for Kahler Submanifolds of Space-Forms (ps)   (pdf)

V. Guíñez, C. Gutierrez, Quartic Differential Forms and Transversal Nets with Singularities (ps)   (pdf)

F. R. Harvey, H. B. Lawson, Jr., Remarks on the Alexander-Wermer Theorem for Curves (ps)   (pdf)

L. Hauswirth, H. Rosenberg, Minimal Surfaces of Finite Total Curvature in $\Bbb{H} \times \Bbb{R}$ (ps)   (pdf)

S. Pigola, M. Rigoli, A. G. Setti, Maximum Principles at Infinity on Riemannian Manifolds: An Overview (ps)   (pdf)