Volume 12, 1997

Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities

São Carlos, July 22-26, 1996 - Universidade de São Paulo ICMSC-SP

edited by Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas


J. Basto Gonçalves, Implicit Hamilton Equations (ps)  (pdf)

J.-P. Brasselet, Algebraic Topology and Singluraties of Toric Varieties (ps)  (pdf)

J. Damon, Singularities with Scale Threshold and Discrete Functions Exhibiting Generic Properties (ps)  (pdf)

A. Dimca, L. Paunescu, Real Singluarities and Dihedral Representations (ps)  (pdf)

R. Garcia, J. Sotomayor, Structural Stability of Parabolic Points and Periodic Asymptotic Lines (ps)  (pdf)

G. Ishikawa, Topology of Plane Trigonometric Curves and the Strangeness of Plane Curves Derived from real Pseudo-Line Arrangements (ps)  (pdf)

M. È. Kazarian, The Chern-Euler number of circle bundle via Singluarity Theory (ps)  (pdf)

M.C. Romero Fuster, Stereographic Projections and Geometric Singularities (ps)  (pdf)

M. J. Saia, The Integral Closure of Ideals and Whitney equisingularity of germs of hypersurfaces (ps)  (pdf)

I. Vainsencher, Generic Singularities of Hyperplane Sections of a Surface in P^4 (ps)  (pdf)