Volume 13, 1997

10th Brazilian Topology Meeting

São Carlos, July 22-26, 1996 - Universidade de São Paulo ACMSC-SP

edited by Paul A. Schweitzer, S. J.


C. J. B. Barros, L. A. B. San Martin, On the Action of Semigroups in Fiber Bundles (ps)  (pdf)

J. S. Carter, L. H. Kauffman, M. Saito, Diagrammatics, Singularities, and Their Algebraic Interpretations (ps)  (pdf)

P. L. Fagundes, Equivalent Nielsen Coincidence Theory (ps)  (pdf)

D. L. Gonçalves, P. N.-S. Wong, Homogeneous Spaces in Coincidence Theory (ps)  (pdf)

C. Hayat-Legrand, H. Zieschang, On the Cup Product on Seifert Manifolds (ps)  (pdf)

I. Malta, N. C. Saldanha, C. Tomei, Critical Sets of Proper Whitney Functions in the Plane (ps)  (pdf)

E. M. Monte, M. D. Maia, Topology and Extension of Schwarzschild (ps)  (pdf)

J. Mukai, Some Homotopy Groups of the Double Suspension of the Real Projective Space RP^6 (ps)  (pdf)

D. Penteado, Fixed Points on Surface Fiber Bundles (ps)  (pdf)

P. L. Q. Pergher, Bounds on the Dimension of Manifolds with Certain Z_2 Fixed Sets (ps)  (pdf)

A. Rigas, Hopf Maps, Triality and Non Cancellation Phenomena (ps)  (pdf)

P. Zvengrowski, Recent Progress in the Topology of Projective Stiefel Manifolds (ps)  (pdf)