Volume 28, 2005

XIII Escola de Geometria Diferencial - Part I

Universidade de São Paulo, July 2004 - São Paulo

edited by Paolo Piccione


U. Abresch, H. Rosenberg, Generalized Hopf Differentials (ps)   (pdf)

M. M. Alexandrino, Generalizations of Isoparametric Foliations (ps)   (pdf)

S. C. de Almeida, A. Brasil Jr., Hypersurfaces with two Principal Curvatures in ${\Bbb S}^{n+1}$ (ps)   (pdf)

E. Batista, Noncommutative Geometry: A Quantum Group Approach (ps)   (pdf)

M. Brozos-Vázquez, E. García-Río, R. Vázquez-Lorenzo, Warped Product Metrics and Locally Conformally Flat Structures (ps)   (pdf)

H. Bursztyn, Generalizing Symmetries in Symplectic Geometry (ps)   (pdf)

C. Durán, T. Pu"ttmann, A. Rigas, Some Geometric Formulas and Cancellations in Algebraic and Differential Topology (ps)   (pdf)

R. Giambó, The Geometry of Gravitational Collapse (ps)   (pdf)

C. Gorodski, A Survey on the Geometry of Isometric Actions (ps)   (pdf)

H. Li, G. Wei, Stable Complete Minimal Hypersurfaces in $R^4$ (ps)   (pdf)