Volume 29, 2005

XIII Escola de Geometria Diferencial - Part II

Universidade de São Paulo, July 2004 - São Paulo

edited by Paolo Piccione


E. Loubeau, S. Montaldo, Examples of Biminimal Surfaces of Thurston's Three-Dimensional Geometries (ps)   (pdf)

M. V. Lemes, K. Tenenblat, On Ribaucour Transformations and Minimal Surfaces (ps)   (pdf)

F. C. Marques, On the Mathematical Work of José F. Escobar (ps)   (pdf)

S. Mendon\c{c}a, Geometry and the Commutability of Symmetric Operators (ps)   (pdf)

B. Nelli, M. Soret, The State of the Art of "Bernstein's Problem" (ps)   (pdf)

M. Patrão, Homotheties and Isometries of Metric Spaces (ps)   (pdf)

M. M. Rodríguez, Doubly Periodic Minimal Tori with Parallel Ends (ps)   (pdf)

M. Sánchez, Causal Hierarchy of Spacetimes, Temporal Functions and Smoothness of Geroch's Splitting. A Revision (ps)   (pdf)

G. Terra, The Parallel Derivative (ps)   (pdf)

S. Yamada, On a Construction of Parametrized Minimal Network (ps)   (pdf)