Volume 30, 2006

XIV Escola de Geometria Diferencial

Universidade Federal da Bahia, July 2006 - Salvador

edited by J.Lucas M. Barbosa and Keti Tenenblat


O. R. Abib, Differential Equations and Moving Frames (ps)   (pdf)

A. Alarcón, Recent Progresses in the Calabi-Yau Problem for Minimal Surfaces (ps)   (pdf)

H. Anciaux, Legendrian Submanifolds Foliated by $(n - 1)$-Spheres in $\Bbb{S}^{2n+1}$ (ps)   (pdf)

C. S. Barroso, G. Pacelli Bessa, A Note on the First Eigenvalue of Spherically Symmetric Manifolds (ps)   (pdf)

A. V. Corro, Generalized Weingarten surfaces of Bryant type in Hyperbolic 3-Space (ps)   (pdf)

J. C. Díaz-Ramos, E. García-Rio, R. Vázquez-Lorenzo, Osserman Metrics on Walker 4-Manifolds Equipped with a Para-Hermitian Structure (ps)   (pdf)

S. D. B. Lodovici, An Isometric Immersion Theorem in $Sol^{3}$ (ps)   (pdf)

F. Manfio, Symplectic Forms are Intrinsically Harmonic (ps)   (pdf)

M. Magdalena Rodríguez, Limit of Karcher's Saddle Towers (ps)   (pdf)

B. Santoro, On Complete Ricci-flat Metrics on Open Kahler Manifolds (ps)   (pdf)

R. Schoen, Minimal Submanifolds in Higher Codimension (ps)   (pdf)

R. Souam, E. Toubiana, On the Classification and Regularity of Umbilic Surfaces in Homogeneous 3-Manifolds (ps)   (pdf)

E. Teixeira, Optimal Regularity of Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Singular Equations and their Limiting Free Boundary Problems (ps)   (pdf)