Volume 15, 1998

Fifth Workshop on Partial Differential Equations

Rio de Janeiro, July 1997 - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada IMPA

edited by Paulo Cordaro, Dan Marchesin, André Nachbin, Jorge P. Zubelli


J. Albert, F. Lineares, Stability of Solitary-Wave Solutions to Long-Wave Equations with General Dispersion (ps)  (pdf)

H. A. Biagioni, T. Gramchev, Multidimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Type Equations: Singular Initial Data and Analytic Regularity (ps)  (pdf)

S. Canic, B. J. Plohr, Erratum to The Role of Limit Cycles in the Admissibility of Shock Waves (ps)  (pdf)

P. Casati, G. Falqui, F. Magri, M. Pedroni, J. P. Zubelli, Darboux Transformations and Darboux Coverings: Some Applications to the $KP$ Hierarchy (ps)  (pdf)

G.-Q. Chen, H. Frid, On the Compressible Euler Equations in Thermoelasticity (ps)  (pdf)

D. G. Costa, Multiple Solutions for a Class of Strongly Indefinite (ps)  (pdf)

P. D. Dam\'azio, M. A. R. Medar, On the Convergence Rate of Semi-Galerkin Approximations for the Equations of Viscous Fluids in the Presence of Diffusion (ps)  (pdf)

C. Eschenazi, C. F. Palmeira, Local Topology of Elementary Waves for Systems of Two Conservation Laws (ps)  (pdf)

A. A. Himonas, G. Petronilho, Global Hypoellipticity for Sums of Squares of Vector Fields of Infinite Type (ps)  (pdf)

B. V. Kapitonov, J. S. Souza, Uniqueness Theorem and Exact Boundary Controllability for a Class of Distributed Systems (ps)  (pdf)

N. Larkin, On One Problem of Transonic Gas Dynamics (ps)  (pdf)

P. G. LeFloch, Dynamics of Solid-Solid Phase Interfaces Via a Level Set Approach (ps)  (pdf)

F. Magri, A Short Introduction to Hamiltonian PDE's (ps)  (pdf)

V. Shelukhin, A Free-Boundary Value Problem for the Navier-Stokes Equations of Compressible Shear Flows (ps)  (pdf)

W. A. Straus, Stability and Instability in the Kinetic Theory of Plasmas (ps)  (pdf)

E. O.-Torres, M. R.-Medar, The Initial Value Problem for the Equations of Magneto-Micropolar Fluid in a Time-Dependent Domain (ps)  (pdf)

C. V. Turner, E. G. Tabak, R. R. Rosales, A. J. Majda, Non Linear Interaction Between Long Waves in the Equatorial Waveguide (ps)  (pdf)

P. R. Zingano, On the Time Decay of Diffusion Waves for a Class of Parabolic Systems of Conservation Laws (ps)  (pdf)