Volume 17, 1999

X Escola de Geometria Diferencial

Belo Horizonte, July 1998 - Minas Gerais

edited by J.L.M. Barbosa, K. Tenenblat


M. P. do Carmo, Research on Differential Geometry in Brazil (ps)  (pdf)

S. C. de Almeida, A. C. Brasil Jr., Dupin Hypersurfaces with Constant Scalar Curvature (ps)  (pdf)

D. M. Almeida, Sub-Riemannian Symmetric Spaces of Engel Type (ps)  (pdf)

A. C. Asperti, G. A. Lobos, F. Mercuri, Pseudo-Parallel Immersions in Space Forms (ps)  (pdf)

A. Barros, G. P. Bessa, Estimates of the First Eigenvalue of Minimal Hypersurfaces of $S^{n+1}$ (ps)  (pdf)

P. B\'erard, W. Santos, Curvature Estimates and Stability Properties of $CMC$-Submanifolds in Space Forms (ps)  (pdf)

A. Brasil Jr., A. G. Colares, On Constant Mean Curvature Spacelike Hypersurfaces in Lorentz Manifolds (ps)  (pdf)

A. V. Corro, W. Ferreira, K. Tenenblat, On Ribaucour Transformations for Hypersurfaces (ps)  (pdf)

E. de A. Costa, A Note on a Theorem of Lawson and Simons on Compact Submanifolds of Spheres (ps)  (pdf)

J.-H. Eschenburg, R. Tribuzy, Isotropic Pluriminimal Submanifolds (ps)  (pdf)

F. Giannoni, V. Perlick, P. Piccione, J. A. Verderesi, Time Minimizing Trajectories in Lorentzian Geometry (ps)  (pdf)

X. Mo, C. J. C. Negreiros, Hermitian Structures and Equi-Harmonic Tori on Non-Symmetric Complex Flag Manifolds (ps)  (pdf)

G. P. Ovando, Complex Structures on ${\Bbb R} H^4$ and ${\Bbb C}H^2$ (ps)  (pdf)

R. Pina, Conformal Metrics and Ricci Tensors in the Hyperbolic Space (ps)  (pdf)

M. C. Romero-Fuster, E. Sanabria-Codesal, Genealized Helices, Twinstings and Flattenings of Curves in $n$-space (ps)  (pdf)

H. Rosenberg, B. Semmler, Some Remarks on Cylindrically Bounded $H$-Surfaces with Compact Boundary (ps)  (pdf)