Volume 25, 2003

T he Latin-American Workshop on Cliques in Graphs

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, April 2002 - Rio de Janeiro

edited by Jayme L. Szwarcfiter, Celina M. H. de Figueiredo


L. Alcón, M. Gutierrez, A new characterization of Clique Graphs (ps)   (pdf)

D. M. Cardoso, On Graphs with Stability Number Equal to the Optimal Value of a Convex Quadratic Program (ps)   (pdf)

R. Cordovil, D. Forge, Quadratic Orlik-Solomon Algebras of Graphic Matroids (ps)   (pdf)

C. P. de Mello, A. Morgana, The Clique Operator on Extended $P_4$-Sparse Graphs (ps)   (pdf)

N. Deo, P. Gupta, Graph-Theoretic Analysis of the World Wide Web: New Directions and Challenges (ps)   (pdf)

M. P. Dobson, M. Gutierrez, Comparability $\cap $ Helly is not fixed under $K^2$ (ps)   (pdf)

M. C. Dourado, F. Protti, J. L. Szwarcfiter, Property and Its Application to the Family of Cliques of a Graph (ps)   (pdf)

G. Durán, Some New Results on Circle Graphs (ps)   (pdf)

M. Gutierrez, J. Meidanis, Preimage, Image, and Iterated Image of the Clique Operator (ps)   (pdf)

F. Larrión, V. Neumann-Lara, M. A. Piza˜na, T. D. Porter, Recognizing Self-Clique Graphs (ps)   (pdf)

F. Larrión, V. Neumann-Lara, M. A. Piza˜na, Clique Convergent Surface Triangulations (ps)   (pdf)

J. P. McSorley, T. D. Porter, Clique-Symmetric Uniform Hypergraphs (ps)   (pdf)

E. L. Monte Carmelo, Coverings by $R$-Dimensional Rook Domains (ps)   (pdf)

C. L. Sales, F. Maffray, Even Pairs in Square-Free Berge Graphs (ps)   (pdf)